Introduction Of Can Break Fast Heal Your Body And His Importance

Introduction Of Can Break Fast Heal Your Body And His Importance

Can Break Fast Heal Your Body And His Importance? You’re snacking right now then your body is trying to tell you one of these three things I’m going to be sharing those three things with you guys today if you don’t know who I am my name is autumn and I’m a certified clinical nutritionist with my masters in nutrition and Human Performance my passion is to help you feel your best through food if you’re not new to my Article for a while now then you know that I’m not a huge fan of snacking can lead to bloating can lead to IBS it can lead to weight gain there’s a lot of things that snacking can sneakily lead to know.

If you can see us but I’m wearing a shirt that says don’t feed the hipsters I mean don’t know what this Article has to do with hipsters or really why I got this firstly know the first possible thing that your body’s trying to tell you if you are snacking is that you didn’t eat enough at your previous meal now this might make sense if you just really think about it like if you are hungry or if you feel the need to have something between meals and you probably didn’t eat enough right now this is more common than you would think because a lot of people a lot of my clients I’ve seen this with as well we’re so trained to just eat small portions to achieve our different goals like wellness goals or weight loss goals mostly weight loss goals or fitness goals.

So we’re trained to eat a lot less than what we really might mean not saying that you should just eat all the food it’s really important to make sure that you’re eating enough food so eating until satiated which I talked a lot about in this Article so one possible thing that your body’s telling you if you do feel that need to snack between meals is that you are hungry and you need to add more food to that previous meal so you can use snacking as a way to gauge if you do need to incorporate more food or larger serving sizes with your breakfast Azur lunches or dinner see the second thing your body’s trying to tell you, okay maybe you ate enough at your last meal but you didn’t eat enough of the right thing now there are a couple things that help to turn off our hunger hormones routine and fat are huge very important factors for turning off.

Our hunger hormones so if you’re not getting enough protein or fat which fat is usually the one that people aren’t getting enough of because we tend to be in this fat fearing society and even though you ate enough food enough energy you didn’t eat enough of the right foods that will turn off your hunger hormones another way that this works so really what’s left is carbohydrates right so if you’re to have a meal that’s densely packed in carbohydrates that means that you’re going to not have that protein and not fat to slow down to release the sugars into your body’s blood supply it’s going to cause a rather quick spike in a fall in your blood glucose levels and it’s that fall about hypoglycemia that causes you to feel the need to snack because you have that low blood sugar and your body wants to breathe back to that normal level.

So if you didn’t eat enough protein and fat to go along with the carbohydrates that you’re having at your previous meal and that will cause you to need snacks in between meals as well because of those spikes and falls in that blood glucose all now the third thing you’re stressed snacking could even be a cue from your body that you need to just go take a walk outside and just bring your cortisol levels back down it’s a pretty fairly well reported that when you’re stressed you’re more likely to indulge on carbohydrate type of rich foods which will cause more of those spikes and falls in your glucose levels in your energy levels and ultimately make it so that you are still craving more food so the next time you go to reach for a snack instead of reaching first night write anything about what the reason is for why you’re grabbing that sack in the first place.

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