Intermittent Fasting In A Day A Weekend Eating Food Tips


Intermittent Fasting In A Day A Weekend Eating Food Tips

Introduction Of Intermittent Fasting In A Day A Weekend Eating Food Tips

Intermittent Fasting In A Day A Weekend Eating Food Tips. Interrupting our normal hormone balance series broadcast right now because I just wanted to give you guys this data life of what it looks like when I am actually using intermittent fasting for a longer period of time with something like exercise so like years now I’m doing that long-distance bike ride coming up in February and this is a little bit of training for us so we’re going to be out and about and I’ll be showing you guys what it is that I eat when I’m not necessarily in control of my meals because I am NOT about but today Trevor and I are going on a Trevor Collins the bike ride I think it’s longer than that maybe 24 somewhere in the range we’re going to ride our bikes to Santa Monica and we’re going to be doing it actually in a fasted state.

So I thought it might be interesting I didn’t brush my hair yet but I thought it might be interesting to have you guys come along and see what we eat in a day when we’re doing something like riding a bike for a long time and of course, you guys know the first thing you have is coffee making the keto coffee right now so that is brewing right now I like to use French press that’s my favorite way to make it Travie except for this background so yes or no decided hey we’re riding our bikes from here to Santa Monica which means I need some water for my little water station I probably need to water my plant we’re having our Quito coffee first that’s brewing hey guys we’re asking last time what’s in Quito coffee so pedo coffee is grass-fed butter and coconut oil under find coconut oil I have a whole article on exactly.

What times should you eat when intermittent fasting?

How to make it in the benefits of it so I’ll link it below in the description so if you want to check out more details than that just check out what we need to make sure we have water and salt rather than sultry and I know chat we’re gonna have our Celtic sea salt and that’s to help just replenish our lecture eyes from the beginning of know each other it’s the wrong way I always make sure to have a full glass of water before I have my coffee because you’ve already after sleeping you’re already in a dehydrated state so it’s really important that’s why I have the salt aimed the full glass of water before I have this amazing so before are you digging sip of that I’m just laugh it off Cheers I’m hydrated come on my coffee safety first which made it to Venice we’re gonna be continuing on to Santa Monica as well but we’re gonna stop and get the food what time is it okay it’s 1018 we’re going to stop you it’ll probably be like by the time we eat we’ll see but we’re gonna stop off this cafe with some money to try out and get some.

Okay, sir just not leaving a great way, and normally when I would have my first meal and I’d follow the Nietzschean tightening that I talked about in the 21-day interview fasting program so I could balance my blood glucose levels and stay in that burning mode but I’d really been wanting to try but it’s avocado toast so it’s weekend as I trade-off guard hits and he was amazing yeah you got it, yeah okay it’s not making a salad for me Trevor I’m hungry whichever says he’s hungry Trevor are you hungry no I’m hungry we’re gonna make a salad and we’re just gonna keep it pretty basic because we’re going to have actually we’re gonna make dinner but we’re going to the movies later so we’re gonna have a little bit earlier dinner I’m just doing some romaine lettuce turret beet some red onion I’m going to also scramble an egg and then put some pepitas or pumpkin seeds on it.

Can you cheat one-day intermittent fasting?

So just keep it really basic and light we’re gonna make a teeny dressing so usually I pair this with lemon but not have any so what you can always do when you need lemon lemons or something for like a dressing and all you need is some other type of acid so I’m using rice vinegar instead so it’s just tahini rice vinegar water and salt that’s it while I’m eating lunch I thought I’d take this time each other but I take this time to answer a few of your questions that you asked on the comment so Sara asked how many servings of veggies that aim for in a day I don’t know if you guys can see this plate is larger than my face and I’m gonna eat this entire salad I don’t necessarily always have this big of a salad every day but I like to because I like to fill up on a lot of veggies just that’s how my body feels good I mean this is probably Siksika thank you.

So I usually aim for about two cups per lunch and dinner so four cups but this is a lot more so I never actually measure it this is probably about 5 or 6 cups of veggies yeah so just at my lunch I’m hopping about 5 or 6 cups of veggies this is my most like veggie dense and you all usually have like some type of roasted vegetable dinner and never really measure that as well but it’s probably about at least 2 cups of veggies as well for that second question so Jessie asked how I managed to eat enough calories how a man has she enough calories during my eating window really the biggest thing is that I always just aim to eat until satiated so a couple of you guys also asked how many calories I eat in general in a day and within a write and fasting I have a couple of articles on this but I don’t count calories ever like at all.

So I just really go by the rule of thumb of eating until fully seated because that’s going to turn off your hunger hormones much better than if you just have like you count calories and also going off of that question a couple of you guys also asked how many meals I have if I have three meals or five to mils honestly it really depends on the day sometimes I eat only two meals and I just have two really big meals and maybe one snack in between or I’ll have the full three meals so it really depends on my schedule and my hunger level that day but I always always always aim to eat until fully satiated so if you only have time to have those two in a day that’s totally fine just make sure that you are eating a big bigger meal bigger than probably what you’re used to eating because a lot of us aren’t used to like eating until fully seated we’re used to always just be left wanting a little bit more so just make sure that you eat a bigger portion than you really think you should.

Will I gain weight if I stop intermittent fasting?

So like I mean guys look at look at this ugh usually you see me have it in my big serving bowl which so far away I’m not gonna grab it usually I eat out that but I mean this is a lot of veggies this is a whole head of romaine I have like I don’t even know like a half a carrot a half of a huge K for each of us I have red onion I have beets I have egg on here I have a lot of stuff going on it’s a big amount of food it does take me a little bit of time to eat but I really like like I’m saying like I eat until fully satiated each time so to answer the question of how many calories I eat in a day I don’t know I don’t count calories how do I fit in the proper amount calories each day again going back to the fact of eating’s I’ll say she ate it I just always make sure that it changes each day and we can be flexible with it my mother you have two meals or three meals that day but just making sure that you always eat until you are fully satisfied then at least you know your body is getting what it needs in order to recover from workouts and in order to sleep well especially if you guys are following the 21-day intermittent fasting program you know all about the proper nutrient timing so as long as you’re hitting all of thosemarks but don’t worry about calories and if you aren’t feeling hungry.

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