Important Review About Diet Book Let’s Keep Read

Introduction Of Important Review About Diet Book Let’s Keep Read

Important Review About Diet Book Let’s Keep Read

Important Review About Diet Book Let’s Keep Read. Recently was aggressive I read the book keto diet. I actually also got to see him speak a couple of times now this one seminar that I go to every year for reeducation so today I’m going to be sharing my review of the book and also the keto diet in general but more specifically is a version of the keto diet so make sure you stay until the very end because I will be sharing my opinion of the keto diet and so that you can decide if you want to use it if you’re wondering why I have any qualification to be sharing my opinion about the keto diet my name is autumn and I’m a certified clinical nutritionist with my masters in nutrition and human performance I counsel people one-on-one on nutrition how to meet their wellness goals I also have an intermittent fasting program.

You can find out the details in the description below okay so in his keto diet book he basically breaks it down into this type of format he starts with basically what the keto diet is and what it means the macronutrient distribution exactly what qualifies something being keto and the difference between his keto program versus a typical one which I do have to say I really appreciate at least his view on the keto diet because he talks about the fact that so many people are doing the keto diet wrong and just relying on low-quality fats cheeses that are made with conventional milk having a lot of bacon rather than incorporating more plant-based types of bats so he talks a lot about that which I really appreciate he covers things like supplements the keto flu how to avoid herbs all of that type stuff if you’ve read any type of health book.

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Before any different types of nutrition book and a lot of this will probably sound really familiar he talks about the rates of obesity and type 2 diabetes and all these conditions that are really detrimental to health and how they are rapidly rising in America so the whole first section really covers a lot of that and after he goes over the basics of the keto diet he goes into more specifics on how it can help things like cancer which you know there is a lot of research on how the keto diet can help with cancer he doesn’t extremely go into detail on this but the reason why the keto diet can help with cancer is that healthy cells are different from cancer cells so healthy cells have actually I should draw this out for you okay thought of paper normally have my whiteboard but I wasn’t prepared.

I’m just going pretty great okay so let’s say this is normal so and this is cancer so a normal cell these little projections are things that will grab onto sugar to use sugar as a form of energy so a normal cell will have let’s say bye types of little projection super Sayan see cancer cells have a lot more of them this is why you’ll hear that cancer really feeds off of sugar cancer is growing so quickly it requires a really fast source of energy and not sugar and that’s why it’s trying to absorb and use a lot more sugar than a normal cell because a normal cell doesn’t have to grow as speedily as a cancer cell by decreasing your sugar intake, in general, I’m necessarily going on a keto diet but keto diet would be the more extreme route to do that just by decreasing your sugar intake, in general, you’re going to be starving off these cancer cells in fact there’s a type of way to determine if you have cancer or if you’re ejected to get cancer and it’s called thermography though.

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When a cell is burning a lot of sugar it will give off more heat cuz that’s a byproduct of metabolism is heat the one way to detect cancer early on is through something called thermography and it’s where they basically do a scan a thermal scan for women it’s your chest to see if you have any heat spots that aren’t consistent with normal heat spots in your body and this will signify if you have cells that are using a lot more energy and that can determine if you have cancer that’s a little side tangent but basically, the reason why the keto diet can help with something like cancer is that it deprives that cancer cell of its source of energy that it needs to grow quickly because it can’t grow quickly off of a slower energy source like fat well that is one point I do want to make about the keto diet book it does a great job of showing you a lot of the research behind.

What he’s talking about but something that is just kind of bothersome to me is when people in the healthcare industry don’t share how things happen in the body I don’t know if this is because they think it’s going to be too confusing for the audience but in my opinion, for you to understand what’s going on you have to understand the mechanism of what’s going on so, for example, he mentions that the studies show that the keto diet starves cancer cells that it will decrease their cancer risk but what he doesn’t do is tell you how it happened even the quick drawing I did of showing the difference between the two cells it doesn’t cover stuff like that which I think is really important to understand and to retain that information but if you’re not looking to get the mechanisms behind it and you just want the research he does cover a lot of the research so that’s great now he does also provide six different plans for following the keto Beck.

He was like a basic plan and a plan and a cancer plan and all those things and he has some recipes in there as well so he does provide you you know a lot of information on how to use the keto diet in a way that’s not going to cause inflammation but here’s the pros of his approach I guess I’m really reviewing his approach rather than the book itself the pros is that he really focuses on doing keto the right way and like I said there’s a lot of ways to do it wrong and that’s what he really touches on I love that he emphasizes eating until satiated as you guys know I’m that’s a really important part of just maintaining hormone balance achieving your weight loss goals I talked a lot about that with this Article he also discusses some lifestyle practices.

So like not using too much of your phone and going on a walk all those types of things that you guys already know that is really important for maintaining your health if you’ve been watching some of my latest articles right and like I mentioned he does provide a lot of studies on the benefits of the key today but on the flip side like I mentioned he doesn’t really go over the mechanisms and that’s where I think it’s really important if you are going to do something like the keto diet you do understand the mechanisms behind it so that you understand what you’re doing in the first place otherwise just reading study after study of the different benefit you might be impressed initially.

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