Hubert Humphrey Fellowships 2025 For International Students

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Hubert Humphrey Fellowships 2025 For International Students If you’re a foreign national interested in studying in the United States, you might be eligible for a Hubert Humphrey Fellowship. You can find out more about the program and what you need to know to apply.

Scholarship Summary

  • Level of Study: Non-degree Program
  • Institution(s): Participating USA Universities
  • Study in: USA
  • Number of Scholarships: 200 Fellowships
  • Deadline: Before 1 October (annually)

Application deadlines

The Hubert Humphrey Fellowship Program is an excellent opportunity for mid-career professionals from developing countries to pursue non-degree graduate study in the United States. It provides a variety of benefits, including language training, travel allowance, professional conferences and allowances for professional visits.

Candidates must have completed at least five years of full-time work experience and demonstrate a commitment to public service and non-governmental organizations. They should also have strong English skills and demonstrate a commitment to developing the leadership skills necessary for effective professional work.

The Humphrey Fellowship program is administered by the Institute of International Education (IIE) in Washington, DC. Applications are reviewed by the IIE and then screened by independent expert panelists.

Candidates must be able to demonstrate a compelling need for the professional training provided by the Humphrey fellowship. Candidates should be able to explain why they need to improve their leadership skills and how they plan to use their Humphrey fellowship to accomplish this goal. If candidates have been recently employed in a third country, they should discuss how their employment has prepared them for the professional environment in the U.S.

The Humphrey Fellowship is a demanding program. Participants spend a significant amount of time away from the campus of their host university. In addition, participants must provide evidence of adequate insurance coverage and child care plans.

The program includes round-trip international air travel to the host institution and tuition for the academic course of study. Health insurance and book allowance are also available. Applicants are required to have a minimum B grade average in order to qualify for the fellowship.

The Humphrey Fellowship program runs from August 2023 to June 2024. During the year, participants participate in a wide variety of activities and workshops. Each fellow works closely with his or her colleagues to address policy-making issues in their field of specialization.

The Humphrey fellowship is a fantastic opportunity for mid-career professionals to develop their professional skills and enhance their leadership abilities. If you are interested in learning more about the program, visit the official website. You can also get more information about the program by contacting the U.S. Embassy in your home country.

Eligibility requirements

If you are interested in participating in the Hubert Humphrey Fellowships 2023, there are some eligibility requirements you need to know. You must be a citizen of a qualifying nation, and you need to be eligible to study in the United States.

To apply for the Humphrey fellowship, you must be an experienced professional in an area of public service, or you must have a degree in that field. Candidates must be willing to participate in professional development activities that will strengthen their leadership skills. They are also required to submit a Medical History and Examination Report.

In addition, candidates must demonstrate a desire to gain problem-solving capabilities. Additionally, applicants must have at least five years of full-time work experience.

Humphrey fellows are assigned to a group of eight to fifteen other fellows in a variety of fields at carefully chosen U.S. universities. The programs combine academic course work at the graduate level with professional development activities.

Each fellow will receive a Professional Development allowance to attend professional activities, conferences, and field trips. Participants are also expected to network with U.S. organizations, and to learn about American culture and customs.

Humphrey Fellows are also provided health insurance and accident/sickness coverage. These benefits may vary depending on your home country’s health regulations.

While you are participating in the Humphrey Fellowship, you will also be required to spend considerable time away from the host campus. This means you will be traveling throughout the United States and completing domestic and international events.

Applicants will also need to show evidence of financial support, as well as child care plans. After completion of the program, participants must commit to returning to their home countries.

For more information, check out the program website. You can also contact the Public Affairs Section of your home country’s US Embassy. As a result, you will be able to find out more about the application process and deadlines.

Applications for the Humphrey fellowship will be reviewed by the US Department of State and the Binational Fulbright Commissions. Results will be announced in the spring. When applying, you should be prepared to provide a thorough essay detailing your motivation for participating in the Humphrey Program.


The Hubert Humphrey Fellowship program offers young and mid-career experts from designated countries a chance to participate in a specialized 10-month program. It helps to develop leadership and problem-solving capacities and provides a wide range of professional enrichment.

Applicants must have a bachelor’s degree or equivalent from an accredited institution, at least five years of full-time professional experience in the field of interest and be committed to public service. To apply, applicants should contact the Public Affairs Section of their home embassy.

Candidates are evaluated on their professional experience, knowledge of English, commitment to public service, and ability to participate in the program. In addition, Humphrey Fellows are assigned to host universities based on needs.

During the fellowship, they work with faculty advisors and local campus coordinators to plan professional activities, and they develop a detailed plan for the practical professional activities they intend to carry out. They also take part in professional affiliations, professional tours, and professional development activities outside of the host university.

Among the fields of study for Humphrey Fellows are education, management, international affairs, and humanitarian and emergency management. Their programs are designed to offer a comprehensive experience in each field.

In addition to pursuing their program goals, Humphrey Fellows are given special certificates by their host universities. They can also network with American peers and gain insight into American culture. There are several social media accounts for the Humphrey Program, as well as a website for prospective students and fellows.

Each Humphrey fellow is placed at a university in the United States for the academic year. Humphrey fellows are assigned in clusters of eight to fifteen. This allows them to work closely with their Humphrey colleagues in workshops and seminars, and they also have the opportunity to interact with fellows from other countries.

Humphrey Fellows are provided with standard room and board, full tuition, and Professional Development allowance. They also receive a monthly maintenance stipend, book allowance, and travel allowance. Applicants may participate in professional activities outside of the host campus, but they are encouraged to visit the United States.

To qualify for the Hubert Humphrey Fellowship, applicants must have a minimum of five years of full-time professional experience. Applicants must be committed to public service, have a background in the profession in which they wish to be engaged, and have a desire to learn and develop problem-solving capacities.

Program details

Humphrey Fellowships are awarded to young and mid-career professionals who are experts in specific fields. They are chosen based on leadership potential, their country’s needs, and their desire to participate in public service. In addition to the fellowship, they receive a monthly stipend, an allowance for books and professional conferences, and an opportunity for international travel.

The Humphrey Program is administered by the Institute of International Education in Washington, D.C., and Binational Fulbright Commissions in over twenty countries. It offers participants opportunities for networking and professional collaboration with U.S. counterparts.

Interested applicants must have a bachelor’s degree or higher, and at least five years of full-time professional experience. They must also demonstrate a need for the program and show evidence of financial support.

Each year, the Humphrey Program selects around 150 professionals to receive professional training. Fellows participate in professional development activities and academic course work at master’s level, and receive special certificates from the host university.

Candidates interested in a Humphrey fellowship need to have a degree, strong English skills, and a commitment to public service. They must also have an interest in policy aspects of their field of specialization.

To apply for the Humphrey Program, applicants need to complete an online application. Applicants should provide their own work, as well as secondary sources. Also, applicants should be clear about their projects, how they can benefit the community, and how they intend to make changes.

To be considered for the Humphrey Fellowship, candidates must be willing to commit to returning to their home countries after the program. Additionally, they must have health insurance coverage and adequate child care arrangements.

Applicants are required to submit a medical history and examination report. Their applications will be reviewed by independent review committees in the United States. If selected, they will be invited for an interview. The interview will be held on a single day.

Upon selection, Humphrey Fellows begin their programs in August 2023. Host universities include American University, Cornell University, Emory University, Washington College of Law, Virginia Commonwealth University, and Tulane University.

Humphrey Fellowships provide a rich, rewarding, and unique opportunity for mid-career professionals to gain knowledge and experience in the U.S., strengthen their leadership skills, and develop a more global perspective.

Scholarship Coverage

Hubert Humphrey Fellowships provide the recipient with the following benefits:

  • Payment of tuition and fees at the assigned host university.
  • A maintenance (living) allowance, including a one-time settling-in allowance.
  • Accident and sickness coverage.
  • Pre-academic English language training, if required.
  • A book allowance.
  • A one-time computer subsidy.
  • Air travel (international travel to and from the U.S. for the program and domestic travel to required program events).
  • A Professional Development allowance for professional activities, such as field trips, professional visits and conferences.


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