gsc101 gdb solution 2022

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gsc101 gdb solution 2022. GSC 101. GDB SOLTION. GDB of this course are going to be opened on 22″d February 2021 at 12:00 am. This discussion board are going to be closed on 23rd February 2021 at 11:59pm.

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The Topic is:”Usually Photochemical Smog (smoke + fog) is usually produced within the summer season but it becomes denser and its effects on our health more apparent during the winter season.

Can we are saying that the world temperature and earth’s rotation round the sun are liable for this change? Either Yes or No, explain the rationale for your answer. f?

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SOLUTION• During the winter months when the temperatures are colder, and atmospheric inversions are common, there is a rise in coal and other fuel usage to heat homes and buildings.

As smog contains ozone particles, which forms in higher temperature, so by increasing these particles smog increases in winter season. So when smog level increase in winter season it effects more on human health.

• As earth tilted or rotates its axis, therefore the side of the world which does not face the daylight, becomes cold, So as discussed above by decreasing temperature there’s a rise in coal and other fossil fuels usage to heat homes and buildings.

Thanks to which temperature increases. So this is often solid reason to the rise in smog in winter season and it effects more on human health and causes disease.

gsc101 gdb solution 2022

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