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1:- In national curriculums of Pakistan, learning of student is classified into four levels.

2:- competency, standards, Benchmarks and student learning outcomes are the  Levels of learning.

3:- In mathematics  algebra , arithmetic and geometric are key learning areas.

4:-  In English vocabulary , grammar and composition are key learning areas.

5:-  Standards define the competency by specifying broadly, the knowledge, skill and attitudes

that students will acquire.

6:-  Students know and be able to do in a particular key learning area during twelve years of


7:-  The benchmarks further elaborate the standards, indicating what the students will

accomplish at the end of each of the five developmental levels in order to meet the standard.

8:- Student learning outcomes are built on the descriptions of the benchmarks and describe what students will accomplish at the end of each grade.

9:-  Student learning outcomes are  the lowest level of hierarchy.

10:-  SLOs are at the bottom which is the lowest level.

11:- All SLOs combined to make a benchmark and benchmarks convert into standards and

then into competency.

12:-  In competency  reading and thinking  skills are using from curriculum of English subject.

13:- In standard  all students will search for, discover and understand a variety of text types through tasks which require multiple reading and thinking strategies for comprehension, fluency and enjoyment.

14:- In Benchmark  use reading readiness strategies.

15:- In student learning outcomes,  articulate, identify and differentiate between the sounds of individual letters, digraphs and trigraphs in initial and final positions in a word.

16:- Curriculum document provides specific   guidelines for assessment.

17:- – A clear statement of the specific purpose(s) for which the assessment us being carried  out.

18:- – A wide variety of assessment tools and techniques to measure students ability to use

language effectively.

19:- – Procedures for interpretation and use of assessment results to evaluate the learning outcomes.

20:- There are three form of suitable assessment tools in English 2006.

21:MCQs , Constructed response and Performance tasks are the forms of suitable

assessment tools.