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Good Morning Routine And My Anxiety Everything Explain Don’t Miss. Welcome to mornings I’m very sleepy still it’s six something oh my gosh my hair any way I just want to show you guys what I do every morning this is some variation of what I do to make sure that my anxiety loves it because it’s something I’ve always suffered from is having higher anxiety finishing up my glass of water here this is everything I do to make sure that I avoid righty throughout the day I always start with a cup of water because as you can tell very dehydrated when you first wake up here is going to finish this then headed to my workout I have some nice hair and like a circle it.

Once when I just did a thousand-yard same I have not same in forever just I know this is like morning day my life but this is so abnormal I’m not sewing forever but I did cut out for a really long time for my sight oh my gosh my was just table I don’t know that’s much better yeah let’s talk in a second I’m gonna shower them talk alright this is a little better its makeup on I have my hair kind of brushed this is better I actually took a break from cardio well from running completely for about six months when my anxiety was that it’s worse what I was doing up I was doing about five days per week of running which is a lot it’s a lot of running and it was definitely causing me to have increased cortisol levels it’s not necessary that it was the cause of a lot of my anxiety but it wasn’t helping and I talked about it.

How do I start a morning routine?
A lot in this Article somewhere right here it went completely cold turkey to help balance my cortisol levels which ultimately helped with my anxiety as well so what I was doing before was walking a lot which I talked a lot about on this channel for helping anxiety now that my anxiety has gotten a lot better and I really worked on balancing my hormones so that my anxiety is better I’m able to incorporate more types of cardio so this morning I did a swim I’m not gonna swim in a very long time I actually used to compete for really fun triathlons but I haven’t swum a long time so I did a thousand-yard swim and then I did like some farmer walks and stuff just to like get this going so now I’m having even more water is really important to stay hydrated when you wake up you’re already in a dehydrated state from sleeping and then.

I want to make sure I have plenty of water before I have my Quito coffee on mind you have that right up all right so if you have anxiety you probably just heard me say I’m gonna make my Quito coffee next and you’re like mom its coffee anxiety yeah you can actually have coffee when you suffer from anxiety I used to think that I just totally cut out coffee and as a sad time in my life I did not have coffee for a long time did not make my anxiety any better but what I found from various research is that it’s not necessarily the caffeine and the coffee but the mold toxins in the coffee that causes you to have that anxiety reaction plus it’s how you make your coffee so if you load it up with sugar and that will cause a spike in a fall in your blood glucose levels and not fall that hypoglycemia actually triggers anxiety.

How do I start my day off positive?
So by having a no sugar and mold-free coffee then that actually makes it so you can still have those stable blood glucose levels which are actually really important for anxiety so I make my keto coffee still stepping on the ice now I have the whole recipe up right here always forget so you can check that out on how to make it in the full details on the benefits but I have that after I’ve had my waters I’m hydrated and it helps to just stabilize my energy levels stabilize my blood glucose levels so that I don’t start with those spikes and Falls which can lead to anxiety that’s the whole point of my morning routine just to start on the best foot I possibly can there making sure that I don’t get anxiety one thing I forgot to mention that I had just because I was still like a little grumpy this morning I didn’t catch it but one thing.

How do I start my day off right?
I forgot to mention is I had Celtic sea salt this morning, and I had that before my workout a little pinch in my water, and that actually makes it so that it restores the electrolytes in your body so it actually makes you more hydrated, oh and actually since I’m right here I used to start my morning as well with hemp oil this is the brand that I like lately since my anxiety has been a lot better I don’t necessarily need it in the morning so I’ve been having this just at night but just you know if you are in the state where you’re still in the beginning stages of healing your anxiety having some time foil in the morning can be really helpful okay finish my coffee I’m feeling great now something I do before I start working as like the last piece of my aunt anxiety morning routine puzzle is I always go on like at least a 5 or 10-minute walk outside, and it’s really essential.

That’s outside because that’s where you absorb the negative that help your body to actually bring your cortisol levels down and that helps to reduce your anxiety level, as a result, I’m short on time I’m trying to get straight to work then I’ll do about a five-minute walk but sometimes I’ll even make it a thirty-minute walk if I’m feeling more stressed you know mental health just trying to get myself up best for the day and if it means going on a 30-minute walk instead then I’ll go on a 30-minute walk oh my gosh well that’s very messy I’m gonna go out today for like a ten-minute walk not very long and then I’m going to get to work and as you’ve noticed my morning routine.

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