ENG201 assignment 1 solution 2021

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Question NO 2

As you know, Olper wants to increase sales in every region. The region “North Division of
Lahore” has fulfilled its targets in few days under my supervision. Now, the CEO of Olper asked
me to write a proposal to the South Division of Lahore and suggest some useful action to fulfill
his sales. Our region performed very well and its surety that you will complete your target as soon
as possible and give a contribution in company’s benefit.
The objectives of this proposal are to increase sales in your division of Lahore. The market is full
of different companies’ products. If we will not increase our sales or customer did not buy our
product then we will not survive in the market. The CEO of Olper wants not only to survive but
also, our company will get no 1 position in the market and satisfy the customer.
In this way, some suggestions are offered to you for completing your target. First of all, give
motivation to the whole team members. All work which you have done without motivation is the
wastage of time because it’s completed with total formality. Second, unity is strength, makes
teams with their common thinking style and their interest. Then, give the task to every team.


According to their division. When a group of member thinks and act with unity, their progress
will increase. So, a small piece of the progress of every team will show the increasing
performance of the whole department. The third is, arrange bounce to team caption and team
member who achieve their target in the given time. Fourth is, some gift should be distributed to a
shopkeeper who sale our products and give some suitable discount to the shopkeeper who buys in


ENG201 assignment 1 solution 2021

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