ENG101 GDB Solution Fall 2020


Life is a good book. The further you get into it, the more it begins to make sense. The above given sentence is trying to compare our life with whole book. Which state that it has many pages in it and each page has different story. If you came to know your life’s purpose or what you wanted to do or in which thing you get more interested to do then, it will make sense to you.


The above given sentence is attempting to examine our lifestyles with whole book. Which states that it has many pages in it and each page has different story. In case you came to know your existence’s motive or what you wanted to do or wherein factor you get greater interested to do then, it’s going to make sense to you.

Digital dictionary:

In this modern era of life, I will prefer to use digital dictionary because digital dictionary has more advantages such as it can be accessed through a number of different media. Digital dictionary can be found in several forms, including software installed on tablet or desktop computers, mobile apps, web applications, and as a built-in function of E-readers.



Advantages of digital dictionaries:


I also know that digital dictionaries are portable means that these can be easily move from one place to another, compact and light weighted. These dictionaries also contain much more words and expressions than a paper dictionary. They help to look up words and phrases quickly and easily. They often have language-learning programs. Some dictionary software can be downloaded from the Internet to your computer, PDA or smartphone free of charge.




Because digital dictionaries require power to charge them, so these don’t suit to situations where power sources are unavailable. Some digital dictionaries require an internet connection, so these applications can’t be work in those situations when internet does not available, especially people in developing countries. Some digital dictionaries are created by software developers rather than professional lexicographers, which could result in less thorough or standardized definitions.


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