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• Education is Associate in Nursing current learning method. • Education means that skill skills, education means that to find out browse and write.

• Another a part of education is being liberal and au courant concerning the values of the culture that you live in and to understand what’s occurring.

• Education teaches United States a way to survive within the given context and culture. • Education could be a wide field that embrace method and moreover as product.
Types of Education:
1. Formal:
Formal education is that the education that takes place in establishments, is also its line, school or pedagogy.
2. Informal:
Informal education is that the education that takes place in your culture. Education by your family, peers, atmosphere and culture.

Levels of Education:

  1. Primary Education
  2. Instruction
  3. Pedagogy
  4. University Education

Division of instructional system by completely different governance and management system: • you’ll conjointly verify education in terms of various management designs that however it’s governed, thus you’ll build this differentiation publicly and personal establishments. Edu604 short notes

• Public university runs by government, whereas personal intuitions’ art hose during which completely different people return on and that they run it. • Some colleges pass by NGO’s.

Edu604 short notes


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