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Taking a medicine then either you change your medicinal drug otherwise you go to the doctor or physician. In the beginning, health practitioner prescribed drug treatments , if you nevertheless have headache you again visit the doctor , then the health practitioner advocate you the tests i.E. Blood test, urine test and so forth. After which in the end by means of seeing the test record the medical doctors able to apprehend the cause or reason of headache. And while docs understand the root of your headache then he will prescribe you the medication for that purpose, that is prognosis.

Diagnosis doesn‘t begin first day, it is for the steady or non-stop troubles e.G. If a pupil continuous to experience failure in analyzing or arithmetic or some other problem despitethe use of prescribed alternative methods , then a prognosis is indicated. Teachers‘ try to find out what’s the foundation of students failure.

Use of evaluation in study room education – formative and formative evaluation determines gaining knowledge of progress, gives feedback to boost mastering, and accurate gaining knowledge of errors. Whilst we verify scholar at some stage in classroom preparation if you want to have a feedback that how can we make our instructor studying procedure better, that is formative evaluation.

On this assessment, we are not assessing what college students learnt or now not rather we verify the procedure behind the students getting to know .The technique in the back of the scholar getting to know includes coaching technique , e-book, . If we make all these items in step with the desires of students then gaining knowledge of will enhance.

It’s far conducted at some point of the academic session or teaching-gaining knowledge of procedure in order that i can get a remarks approximately my manner of coaching and how college students are mastering and decisions are made on the idea of outcomes at once. It’s miles and ongoing system to alter coaching techniques on the idea Of students need.



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