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1. One of the example of instructional Organizers are
Rules Posted on the wall
2. Teachers positive and negative behavior ultimately impact the ————- of the student
3. Which of these professions are called semi (Quasi) Professions?
Nursing & teaching
4. One of the red flag for the ineffective teaching is, teacher:
Keeps an unclean or disorderly classroom
5. How a teacher presents himself makes an impression on ——-colleagues, parents and students.
6. ———- is one of the main focus feature in professionalism characteristics
7. Which term has the etymological roots in Latin for terms “ profession “ and “professor “ ?
8. The teacher is the representative of the ——– and the school.
9. The vision of the great teachers helped various societies to gain self-sufficiency and ———– freedom
10. Old professionalism is attributed to have
Conservative practices
11. The teachers gained considerable pedagogical freedom is specified to the age of
Autonomous professional
12. Ali is teaching in a school . He has to obey organizational order at any cost. He bound to teach according to the set standards of the organization. Ali is teaching according to Age of
13. All are the Red Flags for the teachers personality except
Works actively with students
14. Some of the greatest teachers were the cause of political and ———– revolutions around the world
15. Which one of these is not main characteristics of professional behavior?
Research publications
16. Salma is working in an organization where it is compulsory to collaborate with colleagues to make strong network of sharing knowledge. Salma is teaching age of
Collegial Profession
17. Efforts to create strong professional culture of collaboration was strong element in age of
Collegial Profession
18. A well-organized classroom has various —- ——– in it.
Instructional Organizers
19. Classroom displays often reveals how a teacher
Uses the space
20. Autonomy was considered as an important component of teaching profession in the age of
Autonomous professional
21. One of the main characteristics of professional behavior is follows:
They have generalized and systematic knowledge
22. It is common that children at schools try to imitate their teachers out of —–
23. Positive and negative behaviors exhibited by teachers determine their ——– in the classrooms.
24. New (Transformative) professionalism is attributed to have :
Public ethical code of practice
25. New understanding of teacher professionalism provides professional space and conditions for the teachers to take responsibilities in their ————-
26. In the business world, professionalism is generally used as synonymous with :
27. In what language , Professionalism means an activity for which one is paid as opposed to doing voluntarily
28. Today’s era is marked by polarized directions and today’s professionalism is defined as :
Post modern professionalism
29. Which element of lessons are evident to observe the effectiveness of teaching?
Instructional material