Difference between leadership and management:

Leadership and management is explained below,


Leadership Management
1.      Vision, strategy and leading transformational change are the skills of leadership. 1.      Planning, controlling and monitoring are the skills of management.
2.      Innovation is quality of leadership. 2.      Administration is quality of management.
3.      Results and trust are must be established through leadership. Such as setting of tempo and pace of his group. 3.      Control and authority are properties of leadership. Such as maintaining the law and orders.
4.      There are some questions which are associated with leadership are; what and why type. 4.      There are some questions which are associated with management are; how and when type.
5.      Solution is given by the leaders so leadership is related with solutions of a problem by motivating the people work under his control. 5.      Action plans are created by the managers so the policies making process is comes under management.
6.      Followers are associated with leadership 6.      Subordinates are associated with managers or management.

Difference between leadership and management

  • leadership and management can be understand from above table.
  • Difference between leadership and management these is in above table.
  • leadership and management is easily understand from above discussion.

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Difference between leadership and management

Assume you are a principal in a primary school; some teachers are not paying attention to their work and breaking the rules. For tacking this situation which type of leadership style you chose from following of three styles?

  • Autocratic
  • Democratic
  • Laissez-faire


  • Selection of Leadership Style

I will select the Democratic leadership style.

  • Reason to choose Democratic leadership style:

Simple answer to choose this leadership style is that this is a participative leadership style and because all members of group take participative role in decision making process. In this style everybody is allowed the chance to take an interest and thoughts are discuss openly, and conversation is supported. Because in this style I will involve my all school teachers in decision making about the students progress and also discuss the future of students. When some teachers do not pay attention to their work and they also break the rules of schools at that time school environment become unsuitable for study of students. Due to such behavior of teacher the performance of students and also of school decreases rapidly.


Difference between leadership and management.  In such situation as a principal I will use Democratic leadership style and also involve my staff in meeting and discuss with them that when all staff members work hard, and we all pay attention on our work then this school or institute will progress day by day and respect of our staff in our society increase automatically and this is better for our future also. When I will involve my all staff members in discussion and give the respect to every teacher opinion and appreciate them. When I will involve all teachers in meeting there is better chance that they change their behavior and they work hard in future for students.

  • Characteristics of the Democratic Leadership Style:
  1. Democratic Leadership Style believed in sharing of responsibility and as well as authority.
  2. Democratic Leadership Style pays attention to managing the required goals, not controls.
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  4. Democratic Leadership Style shows trust in work force.
  5. Democratic Leadership Style provide better climate for work together.
  6. Democratic Leadership Style use positive reinforcement.
  7. Democratic Leadership Style also provides the information to employee about work condition and about the change in conditions.
  8. Democratic Leadership Style also seeks feedback on different ideas.
  9. Democratic Leadership Style is more engagement toward the all group members.
  10. In the effective decision making process all members of a group has equal participation opportunity.
  11. In the Democratic Leadership Style creativity is rewarded and also encouraged.
  12. In the Democratic Leadership Style all staff members have equal importance.


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