Daad scholarship 2022-2023

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Daad scholarship 2022-2023. The DAAD Scholarships 2021-2022 is now open and you should apply for this course, This is one of the most popular courses in the world, offering a good opportunity for international students who wish to pursue their postgraduate or advanced studies in Germany.

In the DAAD Scholarship program, foreign students are given the wonderful opportunity to complete their master’s and postgraduate degrees and candidates can exchange courses in the fields of Fine Arts, Visual Communication and Design, Films. Other DAAD study programs are available to candidates from History of Art Study or the Art Study field or to artists with a science project.


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The DAAD Scholarship for German International Students The benefits are as follows:

Benefits of DAAD Scholarship are as follow:

  • The cost of at least oneoff study will be included in the DAAD course
  • Travel expenses will be included under this tutorial. These fees will be given to the applicant’s home country or from funds received from other resources
  • A person who is eligible for a bursary will be offered full medical insurance, including personal illness, accidents, etc.
  • Successful Scholarship holders can receive a monthly stipend for family members who travel with them


 Eligibility Criteria:

  • Applicants will not be considered eligible for the current scholarship program who have been living longer than 15 months in Germany at the end of the term.
  • Candidates whose final exams have been passed at a maximum six years before the submission deadline date of this application are also eligible for this scholarship.
  • For those applicants who are enrolled in such postgraduate degree or  Master degree program in which a period of studying abroad is included, then the scholarship for this time out will only be granted on the following conditions:
  • Study time may not exceed (>) 1 / 4th of the total study time period. It is impossible to give long.
  • The applicants which are related to the fields of Fine Arts, Films, Design and Visual Communication must have got full knowledge of the instruction medium that is relevant to candidates preferred university requirements at the time of beginning of the scholarship program.
  • For achieving this greta scholarship, the study trip is essential .


April 30, 2021.

Further Information on available as under:

This Scholarship means DAAD scholarship opened now for all international students, so now, you have the opportunity to apply for DAAD Scholarship. CLICK HERE.

daad scholarship 2022-2023

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