cs615 assignment 2 solution fall 2021


cs615 assignment 2 solution fall 2021

Assignment No. 02
Semester: Fall 2020

CS615 Software Project Management

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Question No 1:                                                                                                                                            20 Marks


The problems that can affect the software projects can be classified into following four categories:


●       People-related problems

●       Process-related problems

●       Product-related problems

●       Technology-related problems

You are required to match the type of problem with the description given in the table.

Answer Sheet:

Problem Type Description
People-related problems The project manager needs to lead by example.
People-related problems The software development team can lose focus of the objectives by getting into a research-oriented approach.
Process-related problems You must have risk management plan.
Process-related problems Deadlines should be realistic.
Technology-related problems Low degree of reuse of the software components created.
People-related problems Conflicts and difference of opinion within team.
People-related problems There should be friendly work place.
Process-related problems The focus of the development team toward a structured approach to software development.
Product-related problems Managing the change in the scope of the project.
Technology-related problems Software product should be integrated easily with existing software.


cs615 assignment 2 solution fall 2021