cs604 midterm solved papers by moaaz

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cs604 midterm solved papers by moaaz.

One-user programs
A computer program that allows only one user to use a computer at a time is known as a single user program. The objectives of such programs are to enhance the user easy and responsive, instead of making use of CPU and border-related devices. One-user applications use I / O devices such as keyboards, mice, display screens, scanners, and small printers.

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They can adopt the most advanced technology applications. Usually people only use a computer and do not need to upgrade CPU usage and Hardware protection features. They can work different types of applications, including DOS, Windows, and MacOS. Linux and UNIX are running applications can be used in single user mode.
Batch programs:

The first computers were big machines running from a console with card readers and tape
driving as input devices with line printers, tape drives, and card horns as output devices
User did not interact directly with the program; instead the user adjusted the function, (which contained program, data, and other control information about the type of work
in the form of control cards) and sent this to the computer operator.

Work had entered
the form of punch cards, and some time later the result was produced by the system—
the user was unable to interact with his / her activity. The output contains the effect of
program, as well as the disposal of archiving and registering content to fix the error.
To speed up processing, operators put together tasks with similar needs, and they run
using a computer as a group.

For example, all FORTRAN programs were they agreed in sequence. The main function of such an app was to transmit automatically control from one function to the next. In this scenario, the CPU is usually does nothing because the speed of the machine’s I / O devices such as tape drive is not slower than for electronic devices. Such programs where the user does not have access to them

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cs604 midterm solved papers by moaaz