cs510 mid term past papers

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cs510 mid term past papers

Installation Requirements
• Request Requirements (RE) is defined as a complete acquisition process
understanding the needs of participants
• RE is the first and foremost process of requirements for engineering requirements.
• RE is a complex process
• Principles for obtaining high quality requirements

cs510 mid term past papers

Requirements Ways to use Overview
• Discussions, Questionnaires, Monitoring, Joint Performance Development (JAD),
Contemplation etc.
• Which is better?
• RE is considered an incomplete process in demand engineering.
• Using inappropriate strategies

cs510 mid term past papers

Requirements Strategies for use
• Procedures for finding user needs, use them in the system to meet user needs
• Choosing the right awakening method
• RE method features

• Type of Performance

cs510 mid term past papers

Separation of strategies for the promotion of various needs
• 1) The Custom Method
Discussions, Questions / Surveys, and Document Analysis.
• 2) Content Strategies
Recognition, Ethnography and Protocol Analysis.
• 3) Collaborative / Group Techniques
Prototyping, Joint Application Development, Brainstorming, and Group Work
4) Methods of Understanding
Ascension, Card Arrangement, Repertory Grids and Partnership Bonds

cs510 mid term past papers

• Basic concepts
Communication, simple and effective, widely used
Types of Conversations:
Scheduled or Closed Conversations:
General features
Predefined queries, measurement data, No new concept generation,
• No discrimination, Few more questions can be added to further clarify, Discussion
can be repeated
The interviewee may not be comfortable,

A combination of pre-defined and unplanned questions.
The interviewee can share new ideas
Time consuming, interviewer may lose, Training is required,
• Findings are difficult to produce
Informal or Open Conversations
• Informal interviews that contain random questions, Generating quality data

• New ideas and ideas are being developed.
• Because of the informal manner the interviewer may feel comfortable answering the questions correctly.

• The interviewer may ask questions.
• It is difficult to repeat in the event that the integrity of the data is checked.
Summary: Conversations
• Ideal for a bizarre topic, Rich in information, ambiguities clarified. The person you are interviewing can
analyze emotions .Answerless response is always low. It offers a complete overview
• Small number of people involved, Information cannot be collected from most people,
The quality of the data collected depends on the negotiation capabilities,

Literature Review
• Analyzes and collects data from existing documents


• Successfully initiate a process to promote needs
• Why did you use this method?
• The expert needs to carefully study the background information in order to adapt
where the existing system needs to be modified or improved.
• Design documents, templates and manuals for existing programs.
• · It is useful when participants and users are not present.

cs510 mid term past papers
• Helps the business analyst to gain an accurate understanding of the organization before meeting
participants there.
• · Provides useful historical information.
• It can be helpful in arranging interview questions.
• Can be used for reuse of needs.
• Inexpensive process.
• · Most of the time getting information from a large number of documents.
• Sometimes valid information may not be available eg documents may not expire.
• · Periodic text review is required.

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