cs504 midterm solved papers mega file

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cs504 midterm solved papers mega file


Software engineering is an exciting story. To understand this article we will do so you need to look at a few examples and case studies. And we will need to see how we do it can it improve good software and how can it be improved in a variety of contexts? Before moving into software engineering we need to understand what software really is. What is Software?
When we wrote a computer program we named it software. But software is not just that
system many non-program items are included in the software. cs504 midterm solved papers mega file

Some of the software components are described below.
Program: The program or code itself is embedded in the software.  Data: The data on which the system operates is also considered part of software.  Texts: One of the most important things most of us forget is that texts. All software-related documents are also considered part of of software. So software is not just a code written in Cobol, Java, Fortran or C ++. And includes details and all documentation related to the program.

cs504 midterm solved papers mega file
Why is it important?
There is no doubt that software plays an important role in every aspect of life these days. We see many software applications that surround us in our daily routine. Some of the major areas where software has played an important role are identified as below.  Business decision-making: Software programs play an important role in businesses. they are very accurate and simple using software.

 Modern scientific research and problem solving: Scientific
the investigation and resolution of engineering problems requires a large amount of calculation and data analysis. The accuracy of this analysis is also very important in scientific applications. This process has become much simpler and more accurate to use software. For example, software programs have become increasingly involved in bioinformatics and DNA decoding process is only possible with the use of software programs. Similarly many astronomical observations are also recorded updated by software programs these days.

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Games: We see a lot of computer games these days that attract people of all ages. Everything
these games are transmitted through software programs.
Embedded programs: We see many types of gadgets being used in our daily programs
items, such as microcontrollers used in our cars, televisions, microwave ovens, etc.
All these programs are controlled by software.
Similarly in many other fields such as education, office automation, Internet programs etc.,
software is in use. Because of its medium value and widespread use in many fields it is so to provide more in terms of economic activity initiated by software products. Billions and millions of dollars are invested in this field worldwide each year.

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