cs504 midterm solved mcqs papers by moaaz

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cs504 midterm solved mcqs papers by moaaz

Engineering. Before moving on to software engineering let us first discuss something about engineering itself. If you check some of the dictionaries then you will find the following definition of engineering. “The process of effective application of scientific knowledge is called engineering.” Differences between Computer Science and Software Engineering cs504midterm solved mcqs papers by moaaz
The science involved in applying scientific knowledge to practical application.
Webster dictionary. There are many fields of engineering, such as electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, and engineering. Everything these branches of engineering are based on physics. Physics itself is not engineering but the use of physics in the manufacture of buildings, electronics and machinery is engineering. cs504 midterm solved mcqs papers by moaaz

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When we use physics in building buildings then it is called civil engineering. What we use physics in making machines such as engines or cars and it is called mechanical engineering. And when we apply the knowledge of physics in the construction of electronics
Devices where the process is called electrical engineering. Computer science relationships with software engineering is similar to the relationship between physics and electricity, equipment or civil engineering or hence the issue of the relationship between basic science and any field of engineering. cs504 midterm solved mcqs papers by moaaz
”This is a process of using our computer science knowledge effectively production of software programs. ”
 Differences between Software and other programs
Now let’s talk about how a software system differs from one another programs. For example, how software differs from car, TV or similar systems any difference between software engineering and other engineering such as mechanical or electrical engineering. Let’s take a look at some of the non-software programs such as TV, Car or Electric Lamp.
The car may not work properly due to a problem in engine while driving. Similarly an electric light can be installed while lighting and a TV it may not work properly while working.
So the main thing that separates the software system from other programs is that;
“Software is not old!”

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cs504 midterm solved mcqs papers by moaaz

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