cs502 midterm solved papers

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cs502 midterm solved papers

Computation model
Another goal we will have in this study is for our analysis to be as independent as possible a variety of machine, application, compiler, or programming language. Unlike programs, algorithms that should be understood primarily by humans (e.g. program planners) and not machines. So it gives us little flexibility in how we present our algorithms, and many low-level details can be omitted (because it will be a program function that uses an algorithm to complete them).

cs502 midterm solved papers
However, in order to say anything meaningful about our algorithms, it will be important for us to be grounded in mathematical model of calculation. Ideally this model should be a standard output a single standard processor. .
RAM is a convenient machine with very large random access memory. The instructions are as follows each done (no match). Each command involves performing some basic taskin two values ​​in machine memory (either letters or whole numbers; let’s avoid the floating point yet)

cs502 midterm solved papers

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Basic functions include things like value conversion, computer use on any basis
arithmetic functionality (+, -, ×, integer division) in whole value values ​​of any size, make any comparison (e.g. x ≤ 5) or boolean function, to achieve the element of the same members (e.g. A [10]). We think each one basic operation takes the same time to perform.
This model seems to go hand in hand with a good job of describing the power of the most modern computer (incompatible) equipment. It does not model other things, such as efficiency due to the work environment, as described in a previous speech. There are other “loop-holes” (or hidden ways of lowering the rules) that you should be aware of
ye. For example, the model will allow you to add two numbers containing one million digits every time.

Therefore, unreasonable results may be obtained in the form of efficient RAM
systems that cannot be used properly on any machine. However, the RAM model seems to us be sound, and have done a good job of modeling standard mechanical technology since the early 60’s.
Example: 2 sizes
Let’s do an example that shows how we analyze algorithms. seek to choose a faster car. But fast cars are expensive; you want cheap. You can’t decide which one most important: speed or price. You really do not want a car if there is one that is faster and
cheap. We say a fast, cheap car controls a slow, expensive car in terms of your choice
methods. So, if you have been given a collection of cars, we want to list those cars that are not owned by another..
The problem of car selection can be modeled as follows: For each car we add (x, y) where x is car speed and y price negligence. Higher price means cheaper car and lower means y an expensive car. Think of it as the money left in your pocket after you paid for the car. Size points point to faster and cheaper cars.

cs502 midterm solved papers


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