cs501 midterm solved papers

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cs501 midterm solved papers

Preparing FALSIM source files:
To use the FALCON-A connector with the simulator, FALSIM, source file containing the statements of the language of the meeting and the instructions to be prepared according to the following guidelines:
• Source file should contain ASCII text only. Each line should be cut off the return of the cart. The .asmfa extension should be used with each file name. After the meeting, a list file with the original file name and extension .lstfa, and a binary file with the extension .binfa will be produced by FALSIM.

cs501 midterm solved papers
• Ideas are displayed in the menu (;) and can be entered anywhere in source file. The FALSIM component ignores any text behind the compound.
• Names in the source file can be one of the following types:
• Variable: This is defined using the .equ index. Price should also be given the variables as defined.

cs501 midterm solved papers
• Addresses “data area and target area” within the memory: This can be defined using .dw or .sw directory. The difference between the two indications that when using .dw, it is not possible to save any value to memory. The number after the .dw indicates the number of memory words you should have is set to start at the current address. (The .db directory can be used to book bytes in memory.) Using the .sw cursor, it is possible to keep a constant or a number of words in memory. It is also possible to use directions in this way specifying addresses greater than 127. Data tables and skip tables can also be set in memory using this guide.

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• Labels: The conference language statement may have a unique accompanying label
with it. Two conference language statements cannot have the same name. Always the label should have a colon (:) behind it.
• Use the .org 0 direction as the first line in the program. Although the use of this line can be selected, its use will ensure that FALSIM will start copying by to pick up the first commands stored in the memory 0. (Address 0 is called processor reset address). The [initial] disassembly instructions may be included at address 0, so that control can be transferred to the first applicable statement of The main program. Therefore, the label begins to act as a “point entry” identifier in source file. The .org directory can be used anywhere in the source file in force the code to a specific address in memory.
• The 2nd address in the memory is reserved for the interrupted service identifier Route (ISR). The .sw directory can be used to store the original address ISR training in this area. • Addresses 4 to 125 can be used for data addresses and pointers1
. However,
the main program should start at 126 or less2 , otherwise FALSIM will do
generate an error when reading first [first].

cs501 midterm solved papers

• A major plan should be followed by any plans or processes. Each process should be terminated with a reversal command. The ISR, if any, must is placed after the procedures and should be discontinued according to certain instructions.
• The last line in the source file should be the end directory. The .equ directory can be used anywhere in the source file to assign values ​​to it variable.
• It is the program’s responsibility to ensure that the code does not contain it
write more data during the meeting process, or vice versa. As for example, this may happen if care is not used during the use of the .org directory in the source file.


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