cs501 midterm solved papers by waqar siddhu

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cs501 midterm solved papers by waqar siddhu


Introduction to FALSIM:
FALSIM is the name of a software application containing FALCON-A connector and FALCON-A simulator. Works under Windows XP.
FALCON-A Compiler:
Figure 1 shows a summary of the FALCON-A Assembler. This tool loads a FALCON-Meeting file with the extension (.asmfa) and split it. Showing file for The search results in the error log, allowing the user to view the contents of the merged file at file listing and also provides features to print machine code, iTutorial Table and Symbols Table in the FALCON-A list file. It also allows user to use FALCON-A Simulator.

cs501 midterm solved papers by waqar siddhu

The FALCON-A Assembler has two main modules, 1st-pass and 2nd-pass. The first pass module takes the meeting file with the extension (.asmfa) and processes file contents. It then creates a Symbol Table corresponding to the storage of all system variables, labels and data values ​​in the data structure in launch rate. If 1 pass successfully completes the Symbols Table is no is produced as an output, which is used by a 2-pass module. 1stpass failure is handled by the compiler using its own separate management method


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2-pass module sequence file.
Instructional opcodes, register opcodes and constants using the symbols table. Then
generates a list file with an independent .lstfa extension by successfully passing or failing. If successful, a binary file with the .binfa extension is added contains the system code of the program in the meeting file.
FALCON-A Simulator:
Figure 6 shows a summary of FALCON-A Simulator. This tool loads a
FALCON-Binary file with extension (.binfa) and presents its content to
various areas of the simulator. Allows the user to create an application in
a specific point within a timeline or simply do it, line by line. It also allows
user to view registers, I / O port values ​​and memory content as commands
take out.

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