cs408 gdb solution 2021

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cs408 gdb solution 2021

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Now you can download solution file of CS408 gdb 2021 from the link which is I will provide at the end of the page and you need to rewrite that solution in your own words to avoid the zero marks in the GDB solution thanks.


Suppose a modern hotel has installed a pizza making robot to supply the room service pizzas at any hour of full day and night. The hotel also has an automated delivery system through the call setup that will take the complete pizza to a specific room from where ordered is booked. Now you have been asked to write a program a software agent interface that guests can phone to order pizza.

You required to write a short scenario (just in seven (7) to eight (8) lines) which are describing how a guest would order a pizza using your created interface.


GDB Instructions

  1. Your answer will be precise and to the point ,must avoid irrelevant details in the answer.
  2. Copied Material from the internet or another student will get zero marks.
  3. You can’t participate in the discussion after the due date through email.
  4. The GDB will open & close on given specified date and time. Please note that there is NO grace day or extra time will be given for posting comments on GDB.

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cs408 gdb solution 2021