CS401 Gdb Solution 2021

CS401 gdb solution 2021

cs401 gdb solution 2021

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Solution of GDB CS401 2021:

Cortex A Cortex R Cortex M
Application processors. Real time processors. Microcontrollers.
Devices that have fully functional processors used Cortex A in wide range. Critical systems where data interpretations is essential Used Real time processors. Microcontrollers are designed for small devices and mixed signal processing.

Cortex A are comes under High performance, high efficiency & high computational power. Cortex R are comes under High performance, real time and safe. Cortex R are comes Low performance point, higher efficiency.
It runs at relatively high clock frequency. It runs on high clock frequency. It runs at slower clock speed.

It is connected to large amount of memory. — It is connected to less memory.
Cortex A handles large amount of applications & Cortex A is also capable of running complex operating system directly. Cortex R is designed for the purpose of handle fast changing data, & to be sufficiently responsive to handle data throughput without slowing down. Cortex M is built into microcontroller with INPUT/OUTPUT
(I/O) lines and designed for small factor systems that rely on heavy digital input and output.

— These are effective with respect to cost, requires low power and less physical area. Cortex M are requires less energy and has longer battery life.
— — It requires smaller code and it is easy to use.
Applications- Mobiles, telephones, tablets, laptops, etc Applications- Medical Deices, Car systems. Applications- Robotic systems, small consumer electronics.


cs401 gdb solution 2021



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