cs311 mid term solved paper

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cs311 mid term solved paper

“Poly” means “many” and “morph” means “form”. Polymorphism is focused on an object
the concept of a program that refers to the power of flexibility, activity or something you can do many forms. There are two types of polymorphism, one of which involves a time polymorphism and the other is made time polymorphism.

cs311 mid term solved paper. The time to compile polymorphism is the tasks and over workers of overloading. The term of operation of the polymorphism is determined using asset and visual functions. Here are some alternatives how we use polymorphism in Object-based programming languages. Combine polymorphism time -> Operator overload, overload operation Polymorphism start time -> Invisible interface and methods, Virtual member functions.

cs311 mid term solved paper
An example would be:
The “Composition” section can be part of the asset list where the classes found “Circle”,
“Triangle” and “Rectangle”. Based on “Rectangle” can be “Square”, Strong Bond:
Late binding means that the binding occurs at launch time, depending on the type of object. Late binding  also called strong binding or working time binding. When the tongue is used for binding too late, there must be some process to determine the type of item at startup and call the relevant member’s job. In the case of merged language, the compiler does not know. cs311 mid term solved paper.it’s a real kind of thing, but it includes a code that gets and calls the right body shape.
An example of a polymorphism is the way in which reference is used to request a
the method may request different routes at different times depending on where it is headed
until then. This can be illustrated by the following example. In the loop, the statement all [i] .to String () will apply the description to the Reader or MSc Student depends on the type of all polymorphic reference [i] points to time. Loop loops are located on each item of the list or iterator, which provides the current item in the variable name provided. In the example above, each item in x is given i.

cs311 mid term solved paper

While Loop:
Loop build, available in almost all process languages, using one or more
the commands (“loop body”) are repeated as long as a certain condition is assumed to be true. Conflict in the recurring loop, the loop body will not be used at all if the condition is false at the entrance to while.
For example, in C, a temporary loop is written
while ();
Where to speak and any statement, including a statement attached inside the b

cs311 mid term solved paper


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