CS302 GDB Solution 2022

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CS302 GDB Solution 2022. Dear students join my telegram group for all assignments, GDBs and Quizzes Solutions. Thanks Join this https://t.me/VUALLINONE. Note: Ingore following text. Just download solution file from link below. Link available at the end of the page.

Solution is available at the end of the page. Graded Discussion Board Topic: cs302 gdb solution 2022. Suppose you had reduced a 32-variable Boolean expression using Quine–McCluskey algorithm to a 12-variable expression. For the generated simplified expression,

you are required to implement it into a digital logic circuit. You can only use Programmable Array Logic (PAL) or Programmable Logic Array (PLA) devices. Assume that we had selected a Programmable Array Logic (PAL) and a Programmable Logic Array (PLA) for you to choose between.

See also:


1.                   Using TICPAL22V10Z-25C (Programmable Array Logic)

2.                   Using PLUS173–10 (Programmable Logic Array).

Your selections among stated PLA and PAL must consider the following constraints:

  1. Complexity 2. Flexibility 3.Speed  4.Functionality 5. Cost

Important instructions for GDB submission:

  • You must provide a precise and to the point answer. Your answer should be no more than 5 to 6 lines and do avoid irrelevant details.
  • Post your answer on the Graded Discussion Board (GDB), GDB through email or MDB will not be accepted in any case.
  • GDB will only be open for Fourt eight (48) hours, no more time or grace day will be provided.
  • Any answers which is copied from the internet or from any other student will get zero marks.

cs302 gdb solution 2022


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