cs204 midterm past papers

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A great CS204 midterm past papers online site for Internet users and a healthy cyber the culture of the Internet community.
Recognition Internet power recognition for your own benefit and society as a whole.
Looking at how you can become a reputable social media user sites and commitment to building a healthy cyber culture.
Cyber ​​Society: Focuses on construction, care and social support in electronic networks and integrated communications.

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Cyber Culture:
WWW is a collection of electronic documents. Ngamunye Each electronic text on the web is called a web page. What you can’t contain text, graphics, audio and video.
 Use of the World Wide Web by people or a group of people to perform exchanging social expectations, culture, history and language is called cyber culture. As all cultures have their own language, cyber culture is not without this law. Intsha Transforms a person’s written language or symbols into a machine language and translate it into human understandable language about it people wherever they go can understand.
 Now a day specifically for online chat in cyber language is constructive new codes affect our everyday spoken language.

Cyber Culture Components:
The Internet
◦ A network formed by a large co-operative network number of computer networks.
◦ No one is in control of the Internet.
◦ No internet management.
The main purpose of the internet is to connect multiple computers together exchanging messages and sharing information etc.
◦ Human society.
◦ Resource collection.


CS204 midterm past papers


cs204 final term solved papers by moaaz