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Chinese Government Scholarship CSC Scholarship 2021-2022

Chinese Government Scholarship CSC Scholarship 2021-2022

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Chinese Government Scholarship CSC Scholarship 2021-2022. Now 274 Chinese Universities are providing Chinese Government Scholarships for international Students. Chinese Government Scholarships announced by the China Scholarship Council in the Bachelors, Masters and doctoral level programs including but these do not limit to the ones taught in both English and Chinese languages.

Application procedure only available through China Scholarship Council platform which is based on online system. There are many organizations in the China which award the scholarships but the most popular is CSC scholarship by the China Scholarship Council.

Candidates have two pathways to apply:

  • Candidates apply directly to China Scholarship Council – direct recruitment program by Chinese University direct recruitment program.
  • Can apply from home country via Chinese Consulate.

Benefits and coverage of Chinese Government Scholarship:

This fully-funded Chinese scholarship award covers full tuition fees of candidates, living allowances of students, accommodation expenses, and health insurance of successful candidates. The coverage of this Scholarship award based on the type of the degree and some other criteria which is given below:

The benefits of the CSC Scholarship:

Undergraduate Program: CNY Two thousand and five hundred (2500) RMB Monthly Stipend, tuition fee, and accommodation fee both covered in this scholarship.

Master Program: CNY Three thousand (3000) RMB Monthly Stipend, the tuition and room are provided without any charges.

Doctoral Program: CNY Three thousand and five hundred (3500) RMB Monthly Stipend with free tuition and as well as free room.

Chinese CSC Scholarship Application Guideline:

During application process you must keep in the mind that acceptance letter from the professor of Chinese University may increase the chances of your selection. Systematic guideline to apply for the degree program directly via Chinese Government Scholarship (CSC Scholarship) channel is as follow:

  • First of all, candidate identify the Chinese University which CSC Scholarship Council recognized.
  • Candidate also identify website of the institution of higher learning which comes under CSC Scholarship Council.
  • Register himself through Chine Scholarship council webpage.
  • Fill the whole application form.
  • For CSC scholarship you must choose B category.
  • Fill university name and agency number.
  • Download pdf format form after submission of CSS application form.
  • All necessary documents must compile with the pdf file.
  • Confirm whether the university needs a separate admission application form or not?
  • If needed by university then you must fill the university form and download it.
  • Confirm about the application fee, it may be necessary or not.
  • If necessary, then submit the application fee.
  • All requirement forms then send to the university address.
  • Wait for CSC scholarship results.

Key points: to apply for Chinese Scholarships

Application charges:

Each Chinese university has own application fee. Fee can be range from 90 to 150 USD and in most cases, it operates beneath 200 USD. A very important point is here that many universities have no application fee.

Tuition charges:

Contrary to UK and American universities, Chinese universities are relatively cheap. The pricing depends on nature of discipline and standards of the Chinese universities. The average tuition fee for a whole year can be between 20000RMB and 60000 RMB, which equivalent to about 3300 USD to 9900 USD. Some programs don’t fully-fund such as engineering, business and medical.

IELTS relevance for CSC scholarship:

The IELTS is in fact not necessary. English Proficiency Certificate serves as an alternative for the IELTS.

English Proficiency Certificate

This is a document proving that applicant taught in the English language in their previous learning institution in recent degree.

Getting an English Proficiency Certificate:

Candidate who want to apply for CSC scholarship can get their certificate from the office of the registrar of their previous institution.

Age specifications:

  • For undergraduate degree program- 25 years
  • Master degree- 35 years
  • Ph.D. program 40 years

Deadline for the CSC Scholarships application:

The candidates can apply for CSC scholarship before 16 April each year.

Application process:

You can get more information and apply by following official links;