Can Blenders Be Used As Food Processors April 2021

Can blenders be used as food processors?

Blenders and kitchen appliance s have many similar functions and if you don’t require the additional attachments and cutting of various sizes then a daily blender or one with some extra attachments will work fine for you as a food processor.

Can Blenders Be Used As Food Processors

Most of the recipes of soups and sauces are available to be prepared by both blenders and food processors. Dough making, spread , shakes, or smoothies all are easily made via blender and if you’re not a baking enthusiast or professional chef then your blender are often used as a kitchen appliance most of the time.

In normal households, the common need of a kitchen appliance is for chopping vegetables or making sauces and purees. With a hand blender or a blender with a slow blend option or pulse operation, you’ll get similar results.

If you would like a blender for your smoothies and shakes and also don’t have a budget to shop for a kitchen appliance too then you’ll invest during a good blender with additional attachments and luxuriate in the double function of blender cum kitchen appliance .

The functionality of blender usage as a kitchen appliance

Talking on a general level there are many functions of a kitchen appliance which will be through with a blender, although the result might not be as great as a kitchen appliance , for normal use and cooking you don’t need that level of efficiency. Food processors are very expensive than a blender and if you’ll save that much by only buying one then a small difference in quality may be a great bargain. a number of the prominent functions of kitchen appliance which will be achieved by blender are:

1. Purees for babies

The most common use of a kitchen appliance within the home is to form purees for babies or mash the chicken or potatoes smoothly and evenly for babies to consume. With a hand blender you’ll easily blend purees for babies, also using the jug blender you’ll blend porridges, fruit shakes, vegetable purees evenly and with smooth textures more conveniently.

2. Bread crumbs

Well this one is hard , making the bread crumbs during a kitchen appliance is sort of easy, but with a blender, you’ll achieve similar results quickly. Just add pieces of bread to the blender and use the heart beat option, just in case there’s no pulse option just blend at high speed for 20-3- seconds or until desired consistency is achieved.

3. Chopping vegetables

If you would like finely chopped vegetables for cooking, like onion and tomatoes for curry are often achieved during a blender, for a touch bigger pieces you’ll use the slow setting on the blender combined with a tamper to stay the vegetables down near the blade. For general cooking, the blenders work fine and provides acceptable chopping of vegetables.

4. Cheese shredding

If you don’t want to use the kitchen appliance for grating cheese just cut the two inch big slices of misfortune and put them within the blender at high speed for 20 seconds and you’ll get the right consistency of cheese . confirm the cheese is extremely hard otherwise you’ll get a cheese paste rather than a grated one.

5. Dips and Sauces

Dips and sauces are made best within the blender, usually, all the recipes have a blender option too, either you would like a thick consistency or a skinny mayo sauce all are often made during a blender. For getting the specified texture a hand blender is more preferred but the jug blender gives great results too.

6. Crushing ice

Crushing ice is tough to realize a task and for that kitchen appliance is more preferred thanks to strong blades and machine power. But with a robust blending jug and sharp blades, you’ll crush ice evenly with a blender too. Choose a more powerful and powerful jug blender before using it to crush ice. Here are 7 Best Personal Blenders for Crushing Ice Mostly the overall blenders are okay for crushing ice as they’re wont to make smoothies with frozen fruits and ice.

7. Butter

To make spread you would like to run the blades faster and for a extended period to extract the fat and make butter with a smooth and uniform consistency. In small batches and with the longer running blender you’ll make spread easily for common home use.

8. Dough making

Blenders nowadays have quite advanced functions and may handle the thick texture very efficiently, for kneading doughs and crusts for baking you’ll use a blender without a doubt. Just confirm the blender you’re using have a good jug and therefore the dough doesn’t have an excessive amount of air in it because it will rise an excessive amount of during balking and won’t be ok

9. Cake mixture

This one is that the most ordinarily used function of a kitchen appliance and with a blender, you’ll eliminate the hand beater easily, just add the ingredients within the blender one by one ranging from eggs, then flour, sugar, etc. the blender can run continuously while you add the ingredients and won’t cause any lumps within the batter.


Some of the advantages that employing a blender as a kitchen appliance implies are:

1. Both functions

You can use a blender for several kitchen appliance functions along side making shakes, juices, and smoothies. While only buying a kitchen appliance won’t offer you the choice of creating smoothies or shakes. during this case, the utilization of blender as both is useful because it gives you functions of both in one.

2. Cost-saving

Normally nobody needs too many gadgets and buying an entire kitchen appliance kit could also be useless for you. With an investment during a high-end, blender not only the shakes and smoothies are great but with their added feature you’ve got all the overall functions of a kitchen appliance without having to shop for the entire food factory.

3. Handy and compact

Blender is compact machinery and doesn’t have many parts to use and keep, you’ll easily place it in your cupboard or kitchen counters and use it whenever you would like . While in cade3 of kitchen appliance it’s too many parts, that require to space to stay then you’ve got to assemble them whenever you would like to use.

4. Easier to use and clean

Blenders are far easier to wash and use than food factories. The parts of the kitchen appliance are separate and sophisticated to assemble and use. After using the cleaning of too many parts may be a separate hassle too. With a contemporary blender that comes with self-clean options too, it’s very convenient plus they only have a jug and top to be washed.


Seeing from the professional’s point of view kitchen appliance is important within the kitchen except for a traditional household buying both machines may be a wastage of cash , plus if you never use the kitchen appliance to the complete extent then keeping one in your cabinet is useless. Just buy Best Blenders Under 200 and any additional attachment needed and you’ll have all the cutting, and baking at the house level with none hassle.

So, the solution to the present Can Blenders Be Used As Food Processors question is straightforward that Yes, employing a blender as a kitchen appliance may be a wise and budget-friendly decision that one must take unless you would like knowledgeable level cutting or perfect spread for your meal.

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