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Amazon Launched Re:Skill Program | Free Amazon T-shirts | Free Amazon Courses | AWS re:skill: Hello Everyone, this post is about to inform you that the Amazon Web service AWS has launched it’s re:Skill Program 2021.AWS re:Skill  Program 2021 re:Skill in partnership with AWS Community is a platform developed by CodeOps Technologies LLP to help developers learn and upskill/reskill themselves on the AWS platform.

Amazon Web Services AWS invite you to:

  1. Improve Skills – Make the best use of this platform to reskill yourself on the AWS platform by going through the learning content and taking up challenges.
  2. Earn Rewards – Get points by cracking challenges, uploading your certifications, and more
  3. Build Network – Connect with experts, community members & leaders, and fellow passionate enthusiasts to expand your network and accelerate to the next level in your career. You can also contribute by submitting your recent blogs, and help expand the platform by referring your friends and colleagues (and earn points for the same)

Major Highlights

  • Be recognized as an expert at the national level
  • Free AWS goodies.
  • Cash Prizes Worth Rs. 5000 Amazon Voucher
  • Free Digital Badges For all Candidates.
  • Land your dream job* at one of the largest IT companies in the world.

These are Just a few highlights there are many more rewards that are waiting for you to avail them.

If you want you can check them out.

Who Should Attend?

Participation is open to all tech enthusiasts. If you have a flair for tech innovations, this could be your chance. Go through the learning videos and take up the challenge, and get an opportunity to win badges and points (As they say, it pays to learn!). There are new challenges every week and month; so revisit often to attempt new challenges (and look out for special challenges too!).

3 Ways To Get Free AWS Tshirt & Rewards?

  • Are you interested in your blog listed here? Do share your blog, and earn up to 1000 reward points as well!
  • Help the community, earn up to 1000 points.
  • Refer from your circle and earn points! You can earn points for maximum of 10 referrals per month & 25 points on each successful referral sign-up.

How To Apply?

To Apply For AWS re:skill 2021, Click HERE

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