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ACC311 midterm solved papers.
What is a book review ? Audit is an independent audit of the financial statements of an entity that enables the auditor to disclose the view that financial statements have been prepared (in all material terms) in accordance with reported and acceptable financial reporting framework (e.g. national legislation). This audit opinion is set out by the ISA 200 Objective and the General Auditing Regulations. Statements.

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Phrases used; “Explaining the opinion of the auditor” means that the financial statements provide accurate and impartial information view or properly presented in all material.
An accurate and impartial presentation means that the financial statements are prepared and presented in a consistent manner the requirements of the International Financial Reporting Standard (IFRS) and local requirements declarations / rules.

What we can understand as the key elements of the audit from the definition and definition above are these as below:
• The auditor is involved in auditing the financial statements, and the auditor is not responsible for preparation of financial statements.
• The final result of the audit is a view to assisting the user in the financial statements. Book research therefore it relies heavily on professional judgment, not just on facts.
• The auditor’s opinion refers to “true and fair” or “fair presentation” but “true and wrong”
and it is a matter of judgment. The auditor was not properly informed.
• To enable the user of the auditor’s report to rely on the report, i
The auditor must be independent of the business. Independence actually means that the auditor does not have it personal interest in business. This allows for a more objective, professional look. You will see that this is a comprehensive audit concept that can be applied to any business, not just limited companies. However, in this study, we are more concerned with the evaluation of limited companies (usually known as legal or external auditing). Any other audit requests will be displayed correctly to you text.

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Why is there a need for audit?
A common problem at the time was when the manager reported to the owners: whether
will the owners believe this report or not? This is because reports can:
a. It contains errors
b. Do not expose fraud
c. Misguided
d. Deliberately mislead
e. Failure to disclose relevant information
f. Failure to comply with regulations
The solution to this problem of loyalty in reports and accounts lies in appointing an independent person call an auditor to audit the financial statements and report on his findings. Another point is that modern corporations can be very large with international operations. Preparation of the accounts of these groups is a very difficult task that involves combining once summarizing accounts in companies with various meetings, legal systems and accounting and control systems. Examination of such accounts by independent professionals trained in financial information testing is beneficial for those who control and operate such organizations and owners and outsiders.

acc311 midterm solved papers

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