5 Best Glass Water Filter Pitchers April 2021

Don’t worry! I found an answer to those problems. Glass filter pitchers are best to urge hygienic water.

5 Best Glass Filter Pitchers

As we all know that staying hydrated is significant for healthy living and glowing skin. Usually, we take 8 to 10 glasses daily. Think for a short time if they need even a couple of harmful chemicals or bacteria, but their daily intake might be the rationale for several deadly diseases. So, prevention is best than cure. the right prevention from waterborne diseases may be a Glass filter pitcher over BPA free plastic filter pitchers which may release chemicals.
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Among many plastic filter pitchers, finding Glass filter pitchers isn’t a simple task. After hours of research and analysis of their users, I even have reviewed the 5 best glass filter pitchers below with a buying guide to settle on well for you.

Best glass filter pitchers-Buying Guide 2021:

You should consider these features before buying Glass filter pitchers.

1. sorts of contaminants they filter:

the primary thing you ought to consider is, what sorts of pollutants the glass filter pitcher can remove. it’s okay to get rid of herbicides, pesticides, bacteria, chlorine, fluoride, chromium, and lead. The outstanding ones are certified and can increase antioxidants and reduce the water’s pH to get rid of the contaminants, as mentioned above.

2. Size of container:

Size matters once you have a family or drinks an excessive amount of water daily. the larger the dimensions , the few times you’ll need to refill. So before buying, check the container’s capacity to filter at once; otherwise, if you’ve got time and no problem with time consumption, then devour any good quality glass filter pitcher.

3. Durability

A significant feature is to see the sturdiness of the glass filter pitcher. If the bottom features a plastic or chrome steel Covering and Glass shatters resistant and thick, there are higher durability chances. you recognize these aren’t cheap, so choose wisely.

4. Filter replacement time and its cost:

(ii) If replaceable moves on the second step, check the value of the filter.

(iii) Check replacement time

If their filters are costly and replacement time is a smaller amount than a month, then don’t buy. accompany those that are pocket friendly or have a minimum one-month replacement time.

Some can connect together with your mobiles and tabs and provide you with a warning at the time of replacement.

5. Water flow:

It becomes frustrating when water filtration takes such a lot time. The water flow should be decent to require a maximum of 10-12 minutes for complete filtration.

6. Warranty:

The glass filter pitcher should have a 1-year warranty. So you’ll replace or return it just in case of any problem. Otherwise, they’re (long-lasting) than plastic filter pitchers.

All the glass filter pitchers on my list are of the simplest quality and have an honest rank. Let’s check out:

1. LifeStraw Home filter Pitcher

2. ZeroWater 40 Cup Glass filter Dispenser

3. Dafi Crystal Glass Filtering Water Pitcher

5. Soma Carafe Plant-based Water Filtration

  • Shatter-resistant glass
  • Activated carbon
  • Ion exchange filter
  • 7-cup capacity
  • Micro-filtration (0.2 microns)
  • Retain essential nutrients
  • Easy to fill
  • BPA free

Replaceable filters

The first time within the world of glass filter pitcher, the LifeStraw Home filter Pitcher features a 0.2-micron size microfilter membrane activated charcoal and natural process filter to get rid of bacteria and microplastics and parasites, chlorine, Mercury, Cadmium, iii, copper, herbicides, and other harmful chemicals.

It doesn’t remove any crucial element from the water to offer you a healthy drink. It can filter 100 liters of water.

This sleek style beautiful glass filter is additionally slim to put within the refrigerator. you’ll love the taste of pure water, which filters out from this glass pitcher. It came into the market after many lab tests, to serve you with healthy water to drink.


Attractive and classic look easy to wash better taste 0.2-micron size pores make it more efficient It also removes parasites, bacteria, and herbicides Lightweight Easy to handle.


Housing Cap open forcefully Tall to handle for teenagers

2. ZeroWater 40 Cup Glass filter Dispenser


  • 99% of total dissolved solids removes
  • 40 cups capacity
  • NSF certified

Remove Lead, Mercury, chromium, fluoride, and other chemicals
Could you think that any glass filter dispenser can remove 99% of total dissolved solids lead, Fluoride, Herbicide, pesticide, bacteria, chlorine, organic and inorganic components? . it’s a 5 stage water filtration system for this job.

NSF Certification makes it more trustworthy. The filter they use has passed out from different laboratory tests for giving maximum purification of water. The Water taste is delicious—no odor of chemicals and plastic within the water.

This glass filter features a capacity of 40 cups. refill the dispenser within the morning and drink clean water for the entire day. The water directly comes out from the dispenser. you are doing not need to wait long. it’s excellent for an enormous family and offices.


Good customer service Looks elegant water quality is great you’ll not need to wait long for filtered water. Large capacity


Spigot is formed from plastic ( but also Replaceable with stainless steel) Sometimes suction generates in it and removes once you push the reservoir from one side.

3. Dafi Crystal Glass Filtering Water Pitcher


  • LED sensors
  • Filling without opening of the lid
  • Increase antioxidants
  • Increase negative oxidation-reduction potential (-ve ORP)
  • Reduce acidity (pH>8)
  • Filter 40 gallonsit’s many modern features like an LED button and its reference to your mobile that alerts you when replacing the filter.

This filter glass picture is extremely suitable for those that are hooked in to food Because it neutralizes the acidity produced after eating. It adds many essential nutrients which will Increase the antioxidants of the water. you ought to buy this if your water is acidic and has oxidants.

This glass filter is lightweight and comes in several beautiful colors, so you’ll select your favorite one or contrast it together with your other kitchen appliances (which i really like , is its blue and red color).

It is super easy to fill without opening the lid. The filter replacement is additionally effortless. it always lasts for 30 to 40 days, but it depends on the water quality you filter.


Appealing colors easy to handle easy to fillRemove herbicides and pesticides haven’t any plastic taste rock bottom is roofed with plastic to save lots of from breakage. That reduces water acidity significantly. Quick filtration


It is a glass filter pitcher but seems like plastic. rock bottom should be broader. The lid isn’t dishwasher safe ( features a battery)

4. KOR Water Fall, Reusable Countertop Water Filtration System


  • 2 glass carafes with lids
  • On/off the dial
  • 1-liter capacity
  • 4 months of replacement time
  • Coconut shell filter

This sleek style KOR Water Fall filter glass pitcher will make your kitchen countertop eye-catching. It comes with 2 glass carafes with lids. you’ll use one for drinking and one for fruits and herbs infusion.

The water beginning of it’s a fresh taste and no plastic smell in the least . The natural coconut shell carbon effectively removes harmful contaminants. All the parts are dishwasher safe. it’s easy to use with its on/off the dial.

They give 4 months replacement time, but it’s better to vary the filter after 3 months for max filter efficiency. i really like its unique system than others with 2 carafes and long replacement time and features a fair price.

It is a first-time investment which will give worth to one penny you spent. If you discover any issue within the system, you’ll take help from their supporting team, or if you are doing not get satisfied within 10 days, you’ll return it.


This removes maximum harmful contaminants Freshwater taste No more leakageGood customer service. they provide a moment response and resolve issues. Good water flow.


If you are doing not put the reservoir tightly, it’s going to cause leakage. Lids of carafes are of plastic (, but you’ll use wood.

5. Soma Carafe Plant-based Water Filtration


  • Remove Mercury, chlorine, copper, and other harmful elements.
  • Filtered 6 glasses of water directly
  • Dishwater safe
  • Easy filling
  • Easy pouring
  • Shattered resistant

If your water system isn’t fair to get rid of Mercury, copper, and chlorine, this Dafi glass filter picture is best. it’ll also remove other odor-causing components and provides you tasteful water to sip.

it’s a much bigger size than it’s within the picture. it’s a flattened bottom and a sensible design to put it within the refrigerator also .

It can filter 6 glasses of water, which is extremely suitable for alittle family. The glass is shatter-resistant, which makes it long-lasting and sturdy . you’ll love this filter glass after seeing the apparent difference within the water.

It is easy to fill, but you’ve got to follow the instructions for fast filtration; otherwise, it’ll take 5-10 minutes extra. i would like to ascertain its updated version with a handle. inspect the more pros and cons i discussed below after reviewing other home users.


Marvelous look No smell and taste of chlorine filter is straightforward to put in great water tasteDurable


On rare occasions, the lid doesn’t open easily.


BPA free plastic glass filter pitchers aren’t 100% safe. The plastic bottles aren’t fresh and hygienic. they’ll contain plastic chemicals. Glass filter pitchers are perfect for getting purified and healthy water. it had been also tough on behalf of me to seek out them during a heap of plastic filter pitchers; after in-depth research and consulting with their users, I found the 5 best glass filter pitchers. Now you’ll easily choose the one you would like .

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